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Schulten + Partner

Schulten + Partner

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Your Premium B2B specialist in Dialogue Marketing

Your powerful service provider in areas such as:

Conduction of marketing/
sales campaigns

Coverage of capacity
bottle necks

Benchmark setting with
internal or external partners

Outsourcing of Sales and
also non-core business

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Key Account Manager

We understand the requirements of our
customers and jointly develop with you
optimal solutions

Our services add value for our customers

Lead generation

Reduce contacting
costs by up to 50%

Considerable increase in rate
of customer appointment setting

Identification of
buying-center stakeholders

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Operational management

Cornerstone of the joint success is our
demanding aspiration for an excellent quality and
a 100% identification with our customers’ interests

Key success factor: our employees

Thorough assessment process,
regularly training

High level of competency,
motivation and engagement

High degree of identification
with the customers’ business

High degree of employee satis-
faction = high degree of
customer satisfaction

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Our offices are attractively located in the very city-center of Berlin. We offer for our customers and our employees likewise of the most modern and professional working environments of our industry.


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We focus upon the mid-market/SMB (small and medium businesses) customer segment of our clients for sales/marketing campaigns, as well as upon non-core business processes.


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In 2007 it took 3.7 cold calls to reach a new customer prospect on the phone. Today it takes already 8.

Source: Telenet and Oviation Sales Group

We support our clients with the aim to significantly increase the efficiency of their sales force resulting in a reduction of net customer contacting costs by more than 50%.