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The average sales employee only makes
2 attempts to contact customer prospects.

Source: Sirius Decisions

Low exploitation of customer potential,
although measures are easily applicable.

S+P Solution:

We contact the customers of our clients by defined KPI’s and
in agreed rhythms in order to achieve significant gains in the
rate of lead generations or sales conversions.

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In a typical company with 100-500 employees an average of
7 people is involved in procurement decisions.

Source: Gartner Group

Result: For sales organisations of complex products and solutions
it is of big importance to understand, who the decision takers are
and what functions they execute.

S+P Solution:

As part of our lead generation process we identify
the stakeholders of the buying-center.

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So called nurtured leads (multi-level lead generation)
result in an increase of 47% in revenue, as compared
to non nurtured leads.

Source: The Annunitas Group

Result: Revenue potentials are not fully utilized,
if sales organizations do not apply
the nurtured lead process.

S+P Solution:

We can embed the process of demand nurturing
within the lead generation process in order to
significantly increase sales success.

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The average sales employee generates 8 contacts per hour
by phone with new customer prospects for 6.25 hours per day
with the result of one appointment setting.

Source: Ovation Sales Group

Result: The process of appointment settings with new
customer prospects often is very expensive and
demotivating for sales organizations.

S+P Solution:

We focus upon a targeted attention of stakeholders with a
clear message in the process of new customer acquisition
with the aim to increase the rate of appointment settings.

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80% of all contracts signed require at least 5 follow-up
customer calls after the first sales presentation.
However 44% of all sales people give up after the first attempt.

Source: The Marketing Donut

Result: Lack of rework by the sales force and the
prematurely termination of follow-up calls lead to
unexploited customer potentials.

S+P Solution:

We support sales organizations in the
follow-up process with the aim to
exploit the maximum sales success possible.

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In 2007 it took 3.7 cold calls to reach a new customer
prospect on the phone. Today it takes already 8.

Source: Telenet and Oviation Sales Group

Result: The cost for contacting customers have more
than doubled since 2007.

S+P Solution:

We support our clients with the aim to significantly increase
the efficiency of their sales force resulting in a reduction of
net customer contacting costs by more than 50%.

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Only 2% of all calls
result in sales appointments.

Source: Lead Job

Result: Demotivated salespeople and
high costs for the appointment generation.

S+P Solution:

We succeed to increase hit-rates for appointment settings
in excess of 5% even for new customer prospects by applying
targeted measures and depending project by project.

S+P is the ideal service provider in all of the following cases

• Execution of campaigns
• Coverage of capacity bottle necks
• Benchmarking with internal departments or external partners
• Outsourcing of sales and non-core business processes

S+P reward either by transaction or success based

S+P is offering to its clients either fixed or variable, but also success based reward (e.g. price per lead) schemes. Fixed schemes include price per FTE per month, whereas variable models focus on a price per task or action (e.g. price per call). Priority has our conviction to agree suitable solutions according to the needs and requirements of our clients by generating a noticeable added value for them.

It is easy to do business with S+P

In a personal meeting with our clients we mutually identify the business requirements and set the pathway for possible solutions.

Choose and try us on the base of a pilot project (e.g. for a period of 4 weeks). Clients may expect a concise, well structured and comprehensive offering/contract from S+P. Projects can typically be started on a short notice period.

We hope to develop long-lasting relationships with our clients over time.



We are pleased to develop jointly with you your requirements for sales and non-core business processes and to structure the optimal pathways for solutions. Just speak with us.