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S+P stands for

a Premium B2B specialist in Dialogue Marketing.

S+P focusses upon the mid-market/SMB (small and medium businesses) customer segment of its clients for sales/marketing campaigns, as well as upon non-core business processes. For more than 25 years S+P has provided tailor-made solutions for its customers. S+P is a company led and managed by its two owners, with an experienced management team and well qualified employees.

Main area of services rendered

S+P supports its clients in the process of new customer acquisition, as well as in reactivating existing but inactive customers predominantly in the B/C customer (non key accounts) segment. Furthermore S+P is rendering services for all relevant communication channels (Phone, Chat, In- Outbound, Email, …) alongside the entire customer lifecycle.

Cooperating with S+P

Typically clients of S+P are either leaders in their respective industries, or are innovative and fast growing specialized players. Our client’s product portfolio is focused on investment or valuable durable goods or on services with a high added value.

Portfolio of services

As an external service provider S+P supports its clients in sales and non-core business processes. Concerning this e.g.:
• Lead generation of new customers and for existing customer base
• Contract Closing
• Increase in the efficiency/productivity of sales forces (direct or indirect)
• Improvement of rate of customer appointment setting for direct sales
• Collection of data for data privacy statement (e.g. enriching and updating the CRM database with up)
• render customer service for B2C customers
• outsourcing of Sales admin processes


The making of contacts with decision takers of new and existing customers is one of our strengths. We pursue the target to gather and structure information for demand, budgets and decision processes of our clients’ products and services. Hot leads will be directly routed to the sales departments of our clients.

For the lead generation process we not only bring along our longtime experience in address and target group qualification, but also our specialized know-how in the creation and optimization of call guides.

Depending of the complexity of the project our expert agents may reach from 300 up to 1.000 contacts per month. The lead conversion for so called hot leads may range typically from 2%-20% of all reached contacts, depending on the client’s reputation, the product and service portfolio offered, the USP versus the competition and the question if new or existing customers are being contacted.

The lead generation process of S+P may support our clients in making their sales organization more productive and by reducing the SG&A’s.  S+P will also offer Cost per Lead (CPL) pricing models. Prerequisite should be results and KPI’s gathered from pilot projects.

S+P will be able to close sales contracts on behalf of our clients. The advantage for our clients is twofold. The capacity in direct sales can be increased on short notice and SG&A will be reduced.

Once pilot projects have demonstrated positive results the remuneration for generated sales may be either be based on a transaction pricing or an a commission base. The guarantor of success is an alignment of interest between our client and S+P.

For clients with sophisticated projects, such as the sales of complex products and services a high workload of appointments for their sales force is a critical success factor for reaching a high productivity and a high number of customer visits per year. We assume responsibility for this, many a time unloved task, with compassion and perseverance.

The CRM Database in many companies is not always up to date, especially with inactive existing customer. We take over  this task for the sales organizations of our clients, which often is regarded as bothersome and annoying.

B2B customer data containing personal information (e.g. Name , Tel-Nr., email) according to German and EU legislation compliance with the data privacy law is an important factor. S+P puzrsues projects to collect and update the data in client’s the CRM system with the assent of the customer persons that have been contacted. The agreement of consent can either be reconfirmed in written or be recorded on a voicefile.

The fine-tuning between fields sales/key account management sales  and backoffice is an added value, that many customers appreciate. S+P offers tailormade inside sales solutions for a professional and personal support and by increasing the field sales productivity.

S+P also offers the complete outsourcing of B2B sales or customer service processes. According to the german civil code §613a even a transfer of operations (personnel and assets) from the client to S+P is possible. The S+P management team has realized a number of successfully in the past.